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In 1995, The Breakfast Group conceived and implemented Seattle’s first Science, Engineering and Mathematics (SEM) program targeting minority youth in conjunction with Seattle Central Community College.  It was called Biosphere of Tomorrow.

In celebration of our 20th year since leading the exposure of minority youth in Seattle to the SEM fields, during the summer of 2016 we are on line to launch the pilot program for Project M.I.S.T.E.R. STEM + A (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics + Arts).  With our enhanced project we intend to provide tools, not just programs for our youth to prepare them to participate in the innovation and knowledge economy. 

The organization has secured both private and public sector collaboration partners for the pilot, and is in the final stages of curriculum and program development. The modules to be implemented during the pilot phase are concentrated on foundational skills development in STEM + A.


 During our 40th anniversary celebration (2016),  we are moving into the 21st century by reclaiming our past and building a better future for our youth and community. 

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