Our twenty-first Century Goals



Success in male youth of color empowerment.

   On what has worked in the past.

Perceptions of Black and minority male youth.

  Our ability to understand and engage the youth.

Culturally relevant and STEM +A (Arts) based skills programming for the youth.

 Interpretations of student progress and success.




  New channels and platforms for intergenerational communication with our youth.

 And meet the youth where they are.

 And develop the knowledge and innovation economy skills in our youth necessary for success in the 21st century.

 Our Organization’s capacity to provide tools not just programs.

And empower the youth using student led platform development.




 The public perceptions of male youth of color.

  Ideas of minority youth academic capacity.

  Youth perception of their ability in STEM + A (Arts) fields.

 The Culture of Thought (for young males of color).

  Incentives for success. Create new ones.

  Acceptance of the perception that our African-American institutions are irrelevant.


Officers and Committees


Breakfast Group Officers:


President Emeritus - Ernie Dunston

President – Amani Harris

Vice President – Dr. John German

Treasurer – Bob Luciano

Secretary – Bob Harvey


Breakfast Group Committees and Chairpersons:


Finance Committee – Bob Luciano

Program Committee – TBA

Marketing Committee – Terrence Bedford  (Vice Chair - Dan Hudson)

Membership Committee – Dan Hudson (Vice Chair - Will Rance)

Education Committee – Dr. Jim Smith  

Economic and Business Development Committee – TBA (Vice Chair - Al Herron)

Fundraising Committee  TBA

The Breakfast Group's "Celebrating 40 years" Event Committee - Ruby Jones  ( Al Herron - Co Chair)

Career Development - Dean Barnes


Breakfast Group Technical Team:


Information Technology (IT) Director - Christopher Webb (tech@thebreakfastgroup.org)

Assistant Information Technology (IT) Director - Al Herron

Webmaster and Digital Strategy – Christopher Webb (webmaster@thebreakfastgroup.org)

Assistant Webmaster and Technology Consultant – Al Herron

Technology Administration Support - Dr. Paul Jackson

Photography and Videography – Dr. Paul Jackson

Visual Media Strategy Consultant, Video Production, and Photography - Inye Wakoma,  Ijo Arts Media Group


To learn more about our Board of DIrectors please visit this page.