Breakfast Group Videography

Amani/Baldwin 1

President Amani Harris Interviews Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks as Inye Wakoma of Ijo Arts Media Group films (2014).

The Breakfast Group is currently developing a variety of content in collaboration with our Visual Media Strategy Consultant, Ijo Arts Media Group, to support our Project M.I.S.T.E.R. Digital program.  The content will be developed in conjunction with our students and will combine inspirational, documentary, and event related footage.

We will continue to share this content at this page and The Breakfast Group YouTube Page.


Vintage Breakfast Group - Coverage by King 5 in Seattle of the Tie-One-On Event (1992)


Inspiration and Information

             Bring Your A-Game             


Les Brown - It's Possible!


Interviews and Events

President Harris Interviews Seahawks Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin


23rd Annual Tie-One-On Luncheon (May, 2014)

Annual Economic & Business Development Monthly Meeting (April 2014)



Former Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Jose Banda on The Breakfast Group


Ben Berry on Technology and Community

Mike Green on Project M.I.S.T.E.R. Digital

Regina Glenn on The Group and The Chamber

Breakfast Group Member Conversations

   Ernie Dunston speaks with Eric Liu of Seattle Voices


Member and Instructor Terrence Proctor

Program Committee Chairman and Board Member Darryl Russell

King County Councilmember and Breakfast Group Founding Member 

Breakfast Group Co - Founder and Board Member Paul Mitchell

Former BG Member Derrick Wheeler-Smith on challenges faced by African-American and other at risk youth in Seattle 

BG Co-Founder Eddie Rye on the History of the Civil Rights Movement in Seattle

The BG Periodic Table of Leadership

 The Breakfast Group is developing a Periodic Table of Leadership which will contain video dialogues with well known Athletes, Business Professionals, Civic Leaders, Politicians, Entertainers, Activists, Artists, Educators and Historians.  These leaders will  discuss a wide array of topics regarding the current challenges facing at risk youth in communities of color and the specific characteristics they developed to overcome adversity.

This will be an 18 month long production process and the content will be published on a scheduled basis beginning in 2018.