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Marketing Committee


Key Focus Areas:  

The Marketing Committee is responsible for all official external and internal communication for the organization. 

Additional Responsibilities include:

  • Developing campaign specific and annual integrated marketing and communication plans.  This includes developing and capturing metrics for all campaign metrics.
  • Coordinating with the Tech Team to update the BG website and social media platforms.
  • Coordinating and consulting with the organization's visual media strategy consultant to develop digital content development strategy.
  • Brand management and digital presence quality assurance/compliance.
  • Development and distribution of the quarterly newsletter for the organization.
  • Conducting the annual member survey.
  • Working with the committee chairmen to support their work and communicate their success.

Chairman: Terrence Bedford (

Vice Chairman: Dan Hudson

Committee Members:

Dr. Paul Jackson

Dan Hudson

Jesse Jones

Chris Webb

Darius Foster

Al Herron