Intensive Youth Engagement Advocacy Program™

In response to significant interest in an advocacy experience for high school students, Grades 9 – 12, the Breakfast Group developed our Advocacy program called the Intensive Youth Engagement Advocacy Program™ (IYEAP™).  The program delivers engaging, high-impact Youth Advocacy to under-represented minority males, including but not limited to; African-American, Latino, Asian-American/Pacific Islander, and Native American.

Program Overview and Approach


Intensive Youth Engagement Advocacy Program™ is unique in that it focuses students on acquiring the necessary skills, aptitude and acumen that will lead them to continuing their education beyond the secondary level and into successful careers.

Intensive Youth Engagement Advocacy Program™ activities include:

  • Education - Tracking of school attendance, grades, homework and school-based activities, identification and application of college preparatory resources (i.e. SAT, ACT), encourage participation in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework, as well as access to tutoring and support services.  
  •  Students introduced to basic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) applications, career paths, and skills.  There is a significant financial and economic literacy related focus.
  •  Students form teams and choose STEM projects of interest.  Purpose: to increase STEM - Digital and Information Literacy, and strengthen academic, financial, and entrepreneurial skills.
  •   Student teams research and complete a project assignment culminating in a business report.  Written report submitted and presented orally at program conclusion.  Industry professionals act as advocates and project managers.
  •   Community - Appropriate and sustainable volunteering opportunities within a student’s community interests (e.g. environment, healthcare, education, athletics)
  •   Cultural - Access to faith or spiritual-based involvement, art and music events in the community
  •   Health - Ensuring healthy habits, drug avoidance education, mental health counseling, nutrition, proper attire, and hygiene education
  •   Employment - Access to job training, part time employment, internships, and/or apprenticeships
  •   Participation in STEM knowledge competitive events and STEM Literacy & Advocacy Tours
  •   Entertainment - Access to free sporting events, ski lessons, music lessons, and other outdoor adventures

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