Education Committee


The Education Committee recently facilitated an African-American Education Summit, which was held at the University of Washington Law School and attracted more than 130 representatives from various organizations statewide.  The Summit resulted in the formulation of five directives that will be pursued at the state level through the Governor’s Washington Learns program and the Washington State Higher Education Board.

Key Focus Areas:

• Education Advocacy

• Education Awareness Committee Monthly Report

• Guest Speakers

Education Advocacy - Organizations and Coalitions officially supported by The Breakfast Group

• Coalition for Equal Education Rights (CEER)

• Excellent Schools Now Coalition (ESN)

• Our Schools Coalition (OSC)

• Black Education Strategy Roundtable (BESR)

• Supporter of news lawsuit against the State of Washington for failure to provide adequate funding of education as required by state constitution. 

• Leaders of Communities of Color for Education Excellence (LCCEE)

• Seattle School District Race and Equity Advisory Committee (ERAC)

• Black Policy Foundation

• Equity for Education Coalition (EEC)

• Washington Education Association (WEA)


• Monthly Committee Report 

• Member notification of education meetings of interest 

• Education articles/research 

• Encourage committee members attendance at coalition meetings the BG supports 

• Continue advocacy efforts for improving the educational landscape for all families and students with a specific emphasis on the African-American Community.  

• Solicit feedback from BG members on educational and youth oriented organizations and committees that they serve on or support to provide content that highlights the involvement of BG members.  

• As part of the awareness focus, solicit input from all BG members to provide information on their activities and information related to education related imperatives that may be included in monthly education committee reports submitted to the organization.  

Chairman: Dr. Jim Smith (

Vice Chairman: Vince Hayes

Committee Members:

Clarence Gunn

Dr. John German

Dr. Charles Mitchell

Dean Barnes

Robert Nellams

Lem Howell

Ed Jefferson

Hank McGee

Tavio Hobson

Clayton Pitre

Gary Thomas