Business and Economic Development



The Business & Economic Development Committee has a long history and operates several initiatives focused on Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship building on its strategic relationships with organizations such as: The Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, The University of Washington Business Economic Development Center (UW BEDC) and other organizations.

Five Historical Economic and Business Development Principles:

  1. Spend a minimum of $5,000 per year with a African-American entrepreneurs.
  2. When an African-American business provides a quality product or service, tell a minimum of five people.
  3. When an association or company sponsors an event, contract with at least one African-American entrepreneur for needed services or products.
  4. Encourage other associations or groups in which Breakfast Group members participate to have service or product networks.
  5. Advise all Breakfast Group members to read at least one article a week in the financial section of the newspaper.

Our 21st Century equivalent:

  1. Knowledge and Innovation Economy
  2. Information Equity
  3. STEM and Digital Education 


  • Strategic Development

Key Focus Areas:

To plant the seeds of a secure future for our community, by addressing the needs of local economic development and wealth-building infrastructure critical for educational, employment, and entrepreneurial success.

Chairman: Clarence Gunn(

Vice Chairman: Al Herron

Committee Members:

George Griffin

Christopher Webb