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Project M.I.S.T.E.R.Male Involvement & Service TEncourage Responsibility

  • +26 years program existence
  • Over 2,200 students served
  • Group mentorship program – 70+ BG members representing 47 career pathways
The Breakfast Group adopted The Project MISTER Program 25 years ago to provide intervention opportunities between successful African-American adult males and “at risk” African-American youth. The Project MISTER Program is school-based and operates in South Lake and Franklin High School. A Breakfast Group sponsored instructor is provided at each school site to teach daily classes based on a curriculum entitled “Life Skills—Education, Employment, Personal Responsibility”, which was developed by The Breakfast Group...


Tie-One-On – Motivational Speaker and Networking Event

  • +22 years event existence
  • 1,650 students served
The Breakfast Group held its Twenty-Third (23rd) Annual “Tie-One-On” Luncheon on Friday, May 2, 2014 at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel’s Spanish Ball Room. The event was co-sponsored by Turner Construction Company and the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. This luncheon continues to serve as a “rite of passage” for approximately 87 young men who have successfully completed the Project MISTER Program or were selected by school staffs for participation. Project MISTER is a dynamic program that addresses the needs of teenage fathers and high-risk young men of high school age. The core programs are based at South Lake and Franklin High Schools...


All Achievers – Scholarship & Youth Recognition Event

  • Over $380,000 in scholarships provided
  • Over 1,425 students served
  • +20 years program existence
The Breakfast Group will sponsor its Twentieth Annual “All Achievers Awards Ceremony” on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at The Paul Robeson Performing Arts Center at Rainier Beach High School from 6:30 to 8 pm. We will honor 81 predominantly African-American high school students who have made meaningful improvements and achievements in both their academic and community lives. Each year this program awards scholarships to at risk youth who have overcome obstacles to excel in school and the community...

From The Blog

Vintage BG: Preview

Councilman Bruce Harrell attending The Breakfast Group “Tie-One-On” Luncheon (c.1993) The Breakfast Group is currently developing content for its “Vintage BG” page.  We are digitizing content that includes hundreds of artifacts, video and photographs associated with our signature “Tie-One-On Luncheon” event to be published in advance of its 25 Year Anniversary. We are excited about this new project [...]

Vintage BG: Gary Locke attending The Breakfast Group “Tie-One-On” Luncheon (c.1994)

    Vintage BG: Gary Locke attending The Breakfast Group “Tie-One-On” Luncheon (c. 1994). Washington House of Representatives (1983-94); King County Executive (1994-97); Governor of Washington State (1997-2005); U.S. Secretary of Commerce (2009-11); U.S. Ambassador to China (2011-Present).

Welcome to the New Breakfast Group Website!

We would like to officially welcome you to the New Breakfast Group Website! It has been a long time coming! It’s about time the most celebrated and well-respected organization of African-American professional men in Seattle gets an online face lift. We are currently still under construction so please bare with us during the coming weeks [...]

Breakfast Group Member Ralph Bayard on The Tie-One-On Event Media Coverage

Ralph Bayard comments on the lack of broadcast media attending The 22nd Annual Breakfast Group Tie-One-On Luncheon. To view the clip, please follow this link…

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