Welcome!  You have been directed to this page because you will be evaluating a candidate for The All Achievers Award Ceremony.  As you are aware, the All Achievers Awards are awarded each year to male high school students of color.

If you have program/application related questions or concerns please contact Dr. John German at: docg@thebreakfastgroup.org

For technology related questions or assistance needs please contact: allachievers@thebreakfastgroup.org

Below you will find the evaluator form for All Achievers student referrals.  We have also included the instructions  again for your students to submit their applications.

In the past, we received several student photographs that were taken of the computer screen that contained the student profile.  In other words, they were photographs of a screen, as opposed to the original photo file.  As a remedy, we have made it seamless for the student to upload their own photograph in several file formats directly into the survey.  

Please instruct the student to have a photograph file (specifically a Head Shot) available in order to complete that process at the end of the survey.  This is required for us to process their application.  Also, please instruct them to prepare the materials they will need to complete the survey in advance.  Due to the nature of the technology we use, they will need to complete the entire survey in one sitting, otherwise the survey will time-out and they will be required to login a second time, and start over at the beginning.  

We will provide you with pdf copies of both the evaluator form and student application for your review, and to provide your students.  Finally, you may complete up to 6 student nominee evaluations at one time.